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How to Stay Gluten-free While Out to Eat April 21, 2014

In case you haven’t noticed, many people are going “gluten-free” lately. Being gluten-free consists of avoiding foods with protein gluten, such as wheat, barley, and rye. While this elimination of gluten has become a fad diet, there are about 18 million Americans that have gluten sensitivity, and an estimated two to three million people in read more

Creating a Restaurant-Quality Date Night at Home April 15, 2014

The key to having a romantic evening at home is creating a romantic atmosphere, and it can be easier (and cheaper) than you might think.Things that are free (e.g. music, mood lighting, and a tidy house) can create a memorable date night at home. It’s important to pay attention to the whole experience, so make read more

A Guide to Winter Produce January 23, 2014

Eating produce when it is in season is an important way to not only reduce our carbon footprint, but also to consume healthier and cheaper foods. Eating locally is one way to encourage local economic growth as well as reduce our use of fossil fuels. If you choose to only eat produce that is in read more

How to Keep the Romance Alive in Your Marriage December 16, 2013

When you and your spouse first met, you felt butterflies in your stomach every time you saw each other or spoke over the phone. Being apart for even a few hours felt like a lifetime, and you couldn’t help but want to share every new experience with them. But after spending a number of years read more

Gluten-Free Recipes for the Winter December 12, 2013

Eating gluten-free (whether out of necessity or for diet) tends to bring people to eat more vegetables. And the best foods are the ones that are in season, so what better than finding seasonal recipes to cook with? Here are three tasty, gluten-free recipes perfect for wintertime. Gluten-Free Acorn Squash Soup 1 acorn squash 1 read more

Fresh Seasonal Ingredients

At Ceres Bistro in Worcester, Mass, our casual fine dining menu is composed of dishes that are made with fresh, hand selected, local ingredients providing a unique farm-to-table dining experience. More

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Serene and sophisticated, Ceres Bistro, inspired by the Goddess of the Harvest, celebrates the seasons and delivers only the freshest ingredients to your table. More

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